GEOS-5 Boundary Conditions

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Boundary Conditions for GEOS-5

This page will describe the available boundary conditions for the GEOS-5 GCM

Atmospheric Resolutions

Supported atmospheric resolutions are

  • Lat-Lon
    • 72x46 (4-degree)
    • 144x91 (2-degree)
    • 288x181 (1-degree)
    • 576x361 (1/2-degree)
  • Cubed-Sphere
    • c24 (4-degree equiv.)
    • c48 (2-degree equiv.)
    • c90 (1-degree equiv.)
    • c180 (56 km, 1/2-degree equiv.)
    • c360 (28 km, 1/4-degree equiv.)
    • c720 (14 km, 1/8-degree equiv.)
    • c1440 (7 km, 1/16-degree equiv.)
    • c2880 (3.5 km)

Ocean Resolutions

Ganymed 4.1 currently has support for three data oceans for SSTs:


Reynolds is a 1-degree ocean SST boundary condition.


MERRA-2 is a 1/4-degree ocean SST boundary condition.


OSTIA is a 1/8-degree ocean SST boundary condition.


Chemical Boundary Conditions

Here is a description of the boundary conditions from the Nature Run.