Recipe: Visualize OPeNDAP data using Panoply

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By accessing the collection inst01hr_3d_T_Cv via the OPeNDAP server

we want to plot the air temperature data at the surface for 2006/Sep/18, 9z using panoply.


Panoply (v 4.0.5) is a cross-platform application that plots geo-gridded and other arrays from NetCDF, HDF, GRIB, and other datasets. For more information, please see

Once panoply is installed, it can be launched from the command line via


assuming that the shell script is in the user's path.

Once launched, the following window is presented

Panoply main.png

To access the collection inst01hr_3d_T_Cv from the OPeNDAP server, we click on File -> 'Open Remote Dataset' and enter the url

in the input box and click on 'Load'. This leads to the display

Panoply data dap.png

Here, we select our variable, t, from the 'Datasets' tab and click on 'Create Plot'. To plot the surface air temperature for 2006-09-18, 9z, we select that date and Altitude 72 from the 'Array(s)' tab and check the box 'Always fit to data' box in the 'Scale' tab resulting in

Panoply temperature.png


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