Recipe: Retrieve data subsets using download tool

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We want to download data subsets using the download tool.


The download tool can be used for server-side subsetting of collections. This can be done either via the tool's web interface or the command line.

Web interface

The base url for the download tool for G5NR data is

To download a subset of the collection inst01hr_3d_T_Cv, from the above url, one can follow links [0.5000_deg → inst → Download (for the appropriate collection)] to the collection's download page at

Here one can select

  • variables
  • begin/end times
  • vertical levels (for 3D data)
  • spatial subset (by drawing a box or specifying the lats/lons)

and download the resulting data in a format of choice (compressed NetCDF-4, little endian binary etc.).

Command line interface

See Also

  1. File Spec: File:G5NR-Ganymed-7km FileSpec-ON6-V1.0.pdf