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This page describes the minimum steps required to checkout GEOS-5 AGCM.

Checking Out GEOS-5 AGCM using subversion

The commands below assume that you have a svn client installed on your machine. In order to compile GEOS5 AGCM you need to have a Fortran 90 compiler available.

The first thing you need to do is to register in the GEOS5 trac system using the following link:

In order to access the SVN repository as a developer, you need to be approved by the GEOS5 AGCM maintainer. Write to Matt at the following email address:

Once approved by Matt, you will be able to checkout the source code with the following command:

 svn --username <myusername> checkout GEOSagcm

You can create tickets through the trac system and contribute to the code.